1. “look at that house I said it looks like Mexico”
pg. 18 - Laughter
there was something in the house that made her think of Mexico

2. pg. 10 – my name
“it is the Mexican record my father plays on Sundays mornings when he is shaving, songs like sobbing.
She just hates her name

3. pg. 11 my name
“at school they say my name funny as if the syllables were made out of tin and hurt the roof of you mouth”.
The kids make fun of her name by making it sound weird

4. pg 14 – our good day
“cant you see they smell like a broom”
Tito’s not a good kid and smells dirty

5. pg. 6 – hairs
“but my mothers hair, my mother’s hair, like little rosettes, like little candy circles all curly and pretty because she pinned it all in pin-curls all day”
her moms hair is cute and sweet when its curly

6. pg. 9 boys and girls – metaphor
“until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor”.
She is lonely and has no friends

7. pg 20 - metaphor
“ the owner, he is a black man who doesn’t talk much and sometimes if you didn’t know better you could be in there a long tm before your eyes notice a pair of gold glasses floating in the dark.”
He so dark its hard to see him in the dark – she doesn’t know better and is so innocent.

8. pg. 16 our good day – simile
“I sit on the back seat and Rachel is skinny enough to get up on the handlebars which makes the bike all wobbly as if the wheels are spaghetti.”
The wheels are so wobbly that it can barley support her weight.

9. pg. 5 the house on mango street
“ the way she said it made me feel like nothing”
she was so sad that the nun made her feel like a piece of dirt

10. pg. 12 Kathy queen of cats – simile
“two girls raggedy as rats live across the street”.
They are so gross and disgusting and vile.

11. pg. 58
"Her head thrown back like a thirsty lady."- simile

12. pg. 60
"I wanna be like the waves on the sea, like the clouds in the wind."- simile
She wants to be free
13. pg. 61
"I'll shake the sky like a hundred violins."- simile

14. pg. 70
"The little wooden door that has wedged shut the dark for so long opens with a sigh and lets out a breath of mold and dampness, like books that have been left out in the rain."- simile

15. pg. 71
"Mama says a skinny thing, blond and pale like salamanders that have never seen the sun."- simile

16. pg. 73
"Everything is holding its breath inside me."- metaphor